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Our skilled Youth Workers engage with young people who need a safe place to go and opportunities to develop personal, social and emotional skills. 


The Crez Young Peoples Club in Radford, Coventry, originally the club was established in 2009.  We have launched our new projects November 2017.  It is a safe place for young people ages 10 - 17 years where they can take part in positive free activities in their neighbourhood.  Young people can access support for issues with relationships, family, health and well-being.  Offering volunteer opportunities and Youth Work Skills training and experience.  Ultimately inspiring young people to be active citizens and make positive life choices.


Working as a delivery partner with Coventry Youth Partnership.


Engaging the most hard to reach young people through offering Music Studio Recording, Beat making, video and animation projects.  

Using music to support young people to express their feelings and have a positive input in their community.

Working  in areas of social deprivation to deliver  activities or young people to increase fitness through taking part in multi-sports.