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Aptitude Youth Work's mentoring programme ‘Safe Space’ is centered around building trust and quality relationships with young people. 

Safe Space, focuses on the young person’s passion and interests to ensure they’re engaged, have fun, and build positive relationships with their mentor and their peers.


Activities range from sports, fitness, arts, music, cooking; or just learning and trying something new.


We feel that this approachable setting will give the young people and mentors the best opportunity to develop rapport and trust.  


What makes our mentoring programme special, is our unique, down-to-earth, and encouraging mentors who can support young people with some of the challenges they may be facing.  


"We’re in the young person’s corner!"

Our team offer support to young people across Radford, Wood End, Bell Green and Foleshill. We prefer that the young person attends a session at one of Youth Hubs to ensure they feel comfortable and get the best from the programme!

Everything discussed between a young person and their mentors is confidential. If, however, we feel that the young person (or someone else) is at risk of immediate harm or danger, will act upon this informed the relevant internal or external colleagues.

Please contact for more information.

What can young people (mentees) expect?

Week 1 

Induction: Getting to know each other! An opportunity for the mentee & mentor to share their interests, passions and anything else they feel is important. A Mentoring Agreement is completed with the young person so they know what to look forward each session.

Week 2-7

Sessions and activities that the mentor and mentee have agreed to complete together in the 'Mentoring Agreement. A foundation to develop rapport, trust, self-awareness and to enjoy the mentoring journey! 

Week 8

Mentoring Review: Celebrating achievements, progress and discussing next steps. Feedback from mentor, parent/guardian, referrer and most importantly - the mentee!


Following the mentee's final session we will have plenty of internal and external projects, activities and sessions to progress onto. We will encourage the mentee to continue their journey with us - offering 'light touch' mentoring check ins during sessions

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